september city

Mission Critical

You might have noticed that my creative output has slowed to a near-halt. During my months of illness, that's only to be expected. But I have been well (or something as close to it as I will ever get) for over a month, and very little has changed, except for feeling much more positive about creating with words once again. So what's the blockage?

The blockage is that I've forced myself in to something in an attempt to be a 'real' writer -- whatever that is -- and strangled myself in the process. I don't even know what a 'real writer' is! Nor what I want it to be or think it should be. Yet I went straight ahead and jammed myself into a box I was never meant to fit into. This has to change. It's springtime in the city this site is named for: time for this to bloom crazily, too. As itself.

All this is terribly pretentious but honestly heartfelt way of saying that September.City is undergoing a change, and please look forward to seeing it again in its true shape very soon. I won't put a date on it, because I'm awful with them, but soon. I'll continue to post poems and exclusives to my Patreon, update the dreaded Facebonk page, and will update my writing twitter sporadically, as well. My books are still available at Gumroad, too!

See you soon, beautiful people.


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